Overseas Warehousing Operations
Overseas Warehousing Operations

We offer the perfect international freight forwarders devanning and LCL door to door service; Our rich experience in supervising warehouse management and coordination to ensure the high quality service. Undertake general cargo, super long overweight, dangerous goods and other kinds of LCL business, strictly implement the SOP operation, professional customs division is responsible for audit declaration materials, the site using the real-time monitoring, within 24 hours after shipment, bill of lading query service 24 hours provide the port of destination, tracking goods in transit information feedback until the consignee pick up the goods.

Service Advantage
  • 01. Timeliness advantagelocal delivery, better timeliness, and can guarantee normal timeliness in peak season.
  • 02. Price advantageIntegrate the superior resources of aviation, land transportation and maritime transportation, the full name of the total logistics cost is reduced by 30%-60%.
  • 03. Service advantagelocalize after-sales and service, realize one-to-one guidance, and support return service.
  • 04. Operational advantagesyears of overseas warehouse operation experience, understand your needs and how.
Overseas Warehouse Use Process

The seller prepares the goods according to the market forecast, and then sends these goods to the export outlet. The exporter then transports the seller’s goods to the warehouse of the exporter in the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia by sea, air or express. After the overseas buyer makes a purchase on the customer's website, eBay online store or other channel, the seller can place an order in the export easy logistics management system, fill in the goods to be delivered, the buyer's contact information and select the local delivery method, and then export easy The seller's order requires the overseas local delivery of the goods stored by the seller in the overseas warehouse of the export export to the overseas buyer.

Operation guide