Latin America Line
Latin America Line

Established in 2015, CNS cross-border E-commerce logistics aims to provide multinational e-commerce operators with logistics distribution services for the European Union, North America, Mexico, South America and Australia.Main amazon FBA door-to-door transportation (including sea and air transportation), FBA express and FBA related supporting services, etc., providing convenient and safe logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce, with professional international logistics experience.Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has high-quality customs clearance companies and agents in the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and other places.

Service Features
  • 01Assist customs clearance
  • 02Multi-line tracking
  • 03Flexible
  • 04High security

Internet access on the day, sign for 7-12 working days;

The quotation does not include the invoice tax and customs duties, fines, storage fees and all fees that are returned when the destination fails to provide the information required by the customs during the transshipment of the goods. Once the fees are generated, the sender will pay;

Refuse to accept liquids, powders, food, medicines, flammables and explosives, antiques, currencies and other countries prohibited from exporting and airline embargoes (receiving imitation brands, supporting battery goods);