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For general trade business, CNS provides customers with door-to-door delivery from the country of origin, and arranges multimodal transport integrated logistics services such as shipping, land transportation, and air transportation. From booking to picking up cargo to the port or airport, transportation insurance insurance and settlement assistance, export customs clearance and shipping information tracking and feedback from the shipping country. Import customs clearance declaration, inspection and quarantine report, acting for clients to handle the relevant import permit certificates and approvals of the goods, delivery at the end of the destination, one-to-one exclusive customer service manager to follow up the whole process, providing a comprehensive set of comprehensive escort protection services for the goods.

Types of special service items
Types Of Special Service Items

CNS has the advantage of first-time customs clearance at major ports in China, and has a good reputation among customs, commodity inspection, commercial commissions, foreign management, banks, taxation and other relevant import and export departments. Based on the company's resource advantages, it provides customers with the following characteristic service project types: general cargo import agency business, general cargo import self-support business, business certificate business, domestic foreign trade agency and customs declaration business, offshore company overseas business service, agency temporary import recovery Export business (return, repair, re-export of processing), customs commodity pre-classification business, agent food import business, agent wine commodity import business, etc.

Service Advantages
  • 01One-stop service of safe, convenient and value-added foreign trade, freight forwarding, warehousing and customs declaration
  • 02Arrange payment of foreign currency payments within 24 hours, including US dollars, Japanese yen, Euros, Hong Kong dollars and other currencies, including foreign exchange and purchase of foreign exchange
  • 03Major domestic ports have the advantage of customs clearance at the first time
Service Commitment And Capabilities
Service Commitment And Capabilities
● Safe, convenient and value-added ● After the client's funds arrive, the payment of foreign exchange can be arranged within three working days ● Complete the opening of the letter of credit within 3-5 working days ● Foreign trade, freight, warehousing, customs clearance integration services, let customers worry, add value and win-win; ● Years of experience in foreign trade customer service, familiar with customs policies, import and export regulations and operating procedures.
Related Information list

    Related Information list

  • ● Copy of "Business License", "Tax Registration Certificate", "Organization Code Certificate" and "General Taxpayer Qualification Certificate"
  • ● Customs clearance materials
  • ● Acting on import commodity agreements, foreign trade contracts, import invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, packaging certificates, certificates of origin, and other materials required by customs commodity inspections
  • ● Special documents required by other customs inspections