European VAT application
European VAT Application

CNS is committed to cross-border e-commerce services, forming a British tax company and providing European taxation services. The service team is set up in Shenzhen to facilitate customer communication and later services. It provides German VAT registration services (registered tax number + tax return) and other European VAT service

Service Scope

British VAT registration, German VAT registration, French VAT registration, Spanish VAT registration, Italian VAT registration, European (separate) bookkeeping tax return, European (escape) VAT registration.

Why do European sellers need VAT?
  • 01. Export tax rebateWhen the goods are exported, if they do not have their own VAT, they cannot enjoy the import VAT refund.
  • 02. Unable to clear customsUse other people's VAT for reference, and your goods will be reported for deduction.
  • 03. VAT invoiceThe customer asks VAT to send the film, if it cannot be provided, the transaction will be cancelled.
  • 04. Account blockingOn platforms such as Amazon and eBay, the European Taxation Office requires a VAT number, which will not be blocked.
Preparation materials for applying for VAT
European VAT application
● Company business license ● Amazon account email ● Corporate identity card ● The bank statement of the legal person's name and address