DHL International Express
DHL International Express

CNS provide UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS,TNT and other international express brands, timeliness, safety and reasonable price, aiming to provide you with the best international express channels.With the perfect overseas agent network and strong strength, combined with the long-term import and export customs clearance experience and rigorous work in the world, as well as our supporting comprehensive logistics services in bonded warehousing, packaging sorting, distribution and distribution, trade agency and other series.

Service Features
  • 01US and European aging: 3-7 job sign
  • 02Brazil's aging: 10 natural days of extraction
  • 03Mexico aging: 3-7 working days sign
  • 04Cooperation with DHL, Federal (Fedex), EMS Post, UPS International Express
  • 05Volume divided by 5000/6000/7000

① Articles prohibited from circulation or delivery by national laws and regulations;

② Explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic hazardous materials;

③ Reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene articles;

④ Various currencies;

⑤ Articles that impair public health;

⑥ Perishable items;

⑦ Live animals (except for bees, silkworms and leeches whose packaging can ensure the safety of delivery and staff);

⑧ Improper packaging may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other mail equipment;

⑨ Other items not suitable for postal conditions.