Cross-border e-commerce financial loans
Cross-border e-commerce financial loans

Cross-border e-commerce financial loan service is our cooperation with a third-party financial platform to provide comprehensive and effective capital flow, information flow, logistics, storage space, professional and efficient inventory warehousing management plan for the majority of e-commerce business processes. Compared with bank loans, the microfinance service provided to solve the financial problems of e-commerce sellers has the characteristics of no collateral, convenience, speed, flexibility and so on. The financing amount can be obtained only by transaction data, which solves the growth of e-commerce enterprises. The need for funds.

Service Advantages
  • 01The minimum daily rate is five thousand
  • 02Unsecured and unsecured assessment
  • 03Solve financing on the fastest day
  • 04Provide operational solutions
Types of business that support financing
Application Conditions
Application Conditions
● An account has been opened in our company, and there is a basis for business cooperation; ● The store registrant and the actual operator are Chinese nationals (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan); the borrower has full civil capacity. ● Provide e-commerce platform accounts (such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc.).
Application Steps And Process
Required Materials

    Required Materials

  • ● Company business license, corporate identity card (copy with official seal)
  • ● Platform operation flow (order flow)
  • ● Bank account and designated bank account number to receive financing
  • ● Credit authorization of legal persons and enterprises, etc.
  • *Complete information, the fastest loan within 3 working days